The Latest Winners Playing Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is most probably a game you’re familiar with if you have an interest in the gambling world. If slots are your thing, then you will definitely have an interest in this game Mega Moolah is one of the most famous and popular online slots due to the amount of unprecedented jackpot winners the […]

Biggest Wins Ever: Sean Connery


Who is the best James Bond? Well, we can surely all agree it’s Scottish rogue Sean Connery. The legendary actor was the first man to portray James Bond on the silver screen and went on to have a stellar career afterwards. But, that’s not the only thing Connery excelled at. Much like his secret-agent alter-ego, […]

Biggest Wins Ever: Mike Ashley


Mike Ashley is best-known for two distinct things. Those in the football world know him as the much-maligned owner of Newcastle United, the club he bought in 2007. Those outside of football know Ashley best as being the controversial owner of sporting goods chain Sports Direct International Plc. But, as well as these things, he […]

Biggest Wins Ever: Elmer Sherwin

elmer sherwin

You might not have heard of Elmer Sherwin, particularly if you are outside of the gambling world, but he is one of the most famous high-rollers in casino history. His story is legend, not least because of his generosity and old age. Elmer is one of the biggest winners in the history of Vegas casinos, […]

Biggest Wins Ever: Archie Karas


Archie Karas is a Greek-American professional gambler and Poker player. He is infamous throughout the casino world for having the longest-running winning streak in casino history. Over the course of three years, the gambling legend was able to transform $50 into a staggering $40 million! This run of unprecedented success has led to Archie achieving […]

The Future of Online Payment Systems

Nowadays, you do not have to use cash when making payments because there are more advanced ways of doing this. This is through the use of Satoshi Slot, which is an electronic software that helps in paying for goods and services based on mathematical proof. This method of payment is very popular among the users […]

Benefits of Using Bitcoins Instead of the Normal Currency

When paying for goods and services, any person would wish to do so without wasting much time. This is now possible with the use of electronic mode of payment known as bitcoins, which was discovered by Satoshi Nakamoto. In this payment method, there is the use of the Satoshi Slot, which has been universally embraced […]

Have You Heard Of The Online Casino That Accepts Bitcoins?

To some people, the best way to relax is through gambling. Technology has made it even easier for those who love casinos. Today, there are online casinos that the players can participate in from wherever they are. However, a player should not pick an online casino unless it is licensed. It gets even better when […]