Biggest Wins Ever: Elmer Sherwin

elmer sherwin

You might not have heard of Elmer Sherwin, particularly if you are outside of the gambling world, but he is one of the most famous high-rollers in casino history. His story is legend, not least because of his generosity and old age. Elmer is one of the biggest winners in the history of Vegas casinos, and it’s time you heard about his story.

The first thing to note about this man is that he was a World War II veteran, so he already gets massive props for that. He also managed to scoop two major jackpot wins over a period of 16 years, which is unusual for a lot of gamblers. The first win he had was a wonderful $5 million jackpot that he scooped in 1989 at the age of 76. Most people can only dream of winning this amount of money, and many will never taste the success Elmer did.

But, we are dreamers by nature, and it’s important to follow these dreams. People like Elmer are inspirational for those of us who crave the success and glory of a jackpot win. Sure, Sherwin may have had his success late in life, but many people never get anywhere near that sort of success, so we don’t think Elmer minded terribly!

His first success was impressive, but nowhere near as impressive as his second jackpot win. If you were blown away by the $5 million success, wait until you hear about his next victory! In 2005, at the ripe old age of 92, Elmer Sherwin made history. He scooped a massive jackpot of over $20 million. One cool September evening in 2005, Elmer sat down in front of a Megabucks machine in Las Vegas’ Cannery Casino. Just a little while later he would find fortune and glory by scooping the jackpot win of $21,147,947!

As if the win wasn’t enough to make Elmer a famous man, this is nothing compared to what he did with it. Many people in this position, even at the age of 92, would be inclined to keep all that money for themselves, but not Elmer Sherwin. He spent that money looking after his son and daughter-in-law, but that’s not all. He also made sizeable donation to the world Hurricane Katrina Fund to help make a difference in the lives of victims. What a gentleman!

With career winnings of over $26 million, Elmer is surely one of the luckiest and most famous jackpot legends in history. To win one jackpot is lucky enough, but to scoop two over a period of 16 years is pretty much unheard of!

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