Biggest Wins Ever: Mike Ashley


Mike Ashley is best-known for two distinct things. Those in the football world know him as the much-maligned owner of Newcastle United, the club he bought in 2007. Those outside of football know Ashley best as being the controversial owner of sporting goods chain Sports Direct International Plc. But, as well as these things, he is also known for being a keen gambler and has enjoyed a reasonable amount of success in the gambling world.

Ashley has had numerous forays into the world of gambling – he has money to burn, and he’s not afraid to burn it. The UK’s 54th richest man is known to frequent the casinos of Mayfair and the best casino sites online, where he is seen as a high roller. Among his biggest success include, one of the biggest ever wins on a single spin of a Roulette wheel.

In 2008, Ashley spent just 15 minutes at the Roulette wheel and walked away with a cool win of over £1.3 million! He stunned gamblers at the exclusive Mayfair casino Fifty London and walked away over £1 million richer. This would have been depressing news to Newcastle fans, who have long complained about Ashley’s running of the club, and his stingy approach to money.

Ashley reportedly won his jackpot by betting on 17; the number he considers his ‘lucky one.’ Many gamblers have lucky numbers, or lucky hands that they swear bring them good luck and fortune. Though this is clearly nonsense, much of gambling is a psychological battle, and gamblers want to feel like they have an edge. Ashley is clearly a superstitious man, and this will have intensified even further since he made his famous Roulette win.

So, what made the bet so successful? Well, it’s a little more complex than simply picking a number and betting. Ashley played what is referred to as a Complete Bet. This is a combination bet that provides very high odds for gamblers. It’s a bet you are highly unlikely to win, and, as such, a large amount of luck is involved in the process of laying a Complete Bet.

Mike Ashley’s full bet was a combination of the number itself, the colour it would land on, odd or even, and a number ranged between 1 and 18. For all these things to have occurred is crazy, and the main reason why the winning amount was so high for Ashley.

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